SewTech is a leading company

in the import of machinery and equipment for the clothing industry. Use of machinery and equipment for the garment industry.

We contribute to the development of the garment industry in Egypt by selecting the best partners and machine makers, as we represent the most important 21 garment equipment factory companies in China.

We have more than 12 branches and more than 122 distributors nationwide.

We always strive to develop our services from maintenance, warranty and availability of spare parts.

Increasing the number of machines sold over the past two years by 157%

Increased number of clients over the past two years by 130%

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All thanks and appreciation to you for your precious trust and we strive to be good as we always strive for excellence in entrepreneurship and self-development to always stay ahead.

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We have evolved over the years

Swi Tech was established, which is one of the best companies specialized in importing and selling sewing machines, and it is the official agent of the SUNSIR brand.
The company was able to make the SunSir brand the first in Egypt and the most popular and widely sold brand.

We started our way of expansion and expansion, so the company owned 3 branches of official agents, called Soy Tech.

It was the company's strategy to select the latest sewing machines with perfect quality and advanced technology.

The company managed to establish a group of branches (1 branch) and outlets in various parts of the country.

As we developed, our strategy evolved, the goal became to choose the strongest brands, and this year, Soi Tec based on the authority of the Tepical brand
As Tibekal factory is the first in China in quality and technology, it is under the Chinese government, an organization
  • The first company in Egypt to offer a general warranty
  • The opening of the largest maintenance center in Egypt
  • The company expanded by creating an entity with more than 21 branches
  • We have a large variety of brands and models to meet the needs of customers at all levels of the apparel industry.

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