The first maintenance
center in Egypt

We have the largest maintenance center equipped with the largest team of technicians who undergo continuous training courses

Mechanics maintenance


Electronics maintenance


Technical support


Maintenance operations carried out within
the maintenance center

Receipt of the device in the reception department, and the maintenance period does not exceed 84 hours, except in emergency casesThe machine moves to the workshop to discover the malfunction and direct it to the relevant department, if any electronics or mechanics

Electronics Department

The device is checked by experienced engineers with training courses from abroad A special team specialized in hardware and software

Mechanics Department

The machine is checked by a mechanic, and the problem is identified and resolved.There is a special section for spare parts inside the maintenance center to speed up the performance of maintenance operations.Monthly training courses for technicians in the head office and branches

External maintenance

Receiving all calls from workers to understand the problem and solve it as soon as possible to send a vet to the client

Main Branch

We work with the Owners and Directors of hundreds of training providers, helping them grow and where appropriate sell their training businesses.

Our Clients